Crystal Quartz pendant wrapped in silver plated wire

An old pendant re-loved in a fresh wire wrap

When you break jewellery, it isn’t always easy to repair. I enjoy recycling and up-cycling, it’s a creative challenge with an earth-kind bonus. Especially when you loved the original piece of jewellery.

Sketch of a squirrel eating, pencil on A5 paper


Two more drawings from my sketch book. The first was a close up of a squirrel eating. Around here the squirrels seem to divide their time between eating food, burying food, performing acrobatics to acquire food and playing daredevil with other squirrels and cats. Probably trying to guard their food! I wish these were red squirrels but I find it hard to dislike grey squirrels in London, they are such entertaining little creatures. Especially when they perform acrobatics above our garden at full speed.

Spotted Baby rabbit, A5 pencil & graphite stick


A collection of rabbit sketches and a watercolour painting. Some of these rabbit pictures have already been posted in my gallery, but I wanted to gather them all together as a set and post about them. All of these pictures are A5 sized and I really enjoyed working on them.

Holmfirth, Yorkshire


Another painting, this time it’s a rural landscape. I took a bit longer painting this one, just because I was sitting for several shorter sessions rather than an afternoon of determined practice. But as I’m notoriously slow at painting, I’m going to crank up the speed again. It’s really satisfying filling up my sketchbook with paintings and feeling my skills developing at speed.

Rosa on the Grand Union Canal

Rosa on the Grand Union Canal

My first attempt at painting a narrowboat. Given that I want to live on the canal at some point, I thought I should practice my boats! And water… Reflections are fun but challenging.

This is an A5 sized painting from my sketchbook. I took time to draw a few different composition sketches and really plan the painting out. This gave me a great opportunity to sketch the boat a few times before I had to transfer the outline to my sketchpad.

Barn and Geese, A5 watercolour painting

Farm scene with geese

It’s a small (A5) watercolour from my sketchbook. I’ve been working through some watercolour exercises to give myself a wee refresher course. I’m not usually a landscape painter, so it’s a chance for me to work right out of my comfort zone and see what happens.