A grand day out

It’s been years (literally) since I’ve done a hand spinning demonstration in public. At one point I did several shows a year, but since I moved back into my parents’ place I stopped. As I’m getting closer to moving out again, mum suggested I join her to spin at Thainstone.

The local support group for the Rare Breeds Survival Trust hold a stall at the spring and autumn rare breeds sale in the mart. It’s a nice venue and in the past we often picked up a few members and sold merchandise.

This year was no exception, but what a lot of people! I don’t think I’ve ever done a demo and found myself trying to talk to 3 people, surrounded by another 5 or 6 and barely draw a breath before the next set arrive. It was wonderful seeing such a huge interest in rare breed fibre and hand spinning, but I’d expected a gentle day out! I came home knackered, my mum was nearly hoarse and I believe we’ve acquired both fleece and sheep for our respective stashes. That wasn’t quite the plan, but dad managed to get a good price for some goats and a ewe with lambs. And they went to homes we already knew, so that was a good result.

The next morning I had a repeat trip and took the spinning wheel to my stall. Once again I got a lot of interest, sadly not so great on the sales front, but I think I’ll take the wheel again next week. It certainly slowed people down as they passed the stall, which can only be a good thing. If they slow down, they might see something they want! I’m not a hardened businesswoman all the time, but I can tell I’m onto something here 🙂

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