Colour Therapy with Added Smoosh!

I was sorting out some of my craft supplies and realised they’d make a cheerful display.

I uploaded the full sized photos to Flickr (link) So if you need some bright wallpaper for your PC, I’ve got you covered. Or blinded.

DSCF8827Scarily, these baskets are just a tiny portion of my fibre stash.

DSCF8831A mixed stash of wool roving – mostly merino with some naturally coloured British sheep breed roving in the middle.

DSCF8835Most of my fibre stash is naturally coloured Shetland sheep fleeces, but I’ve acquired this dyed fibre for some blending and craft projects.

DSCF8837It’s a pity you can’t squish this fibre through a monitor, I can’t look at fibre without reaching out to feel the texture of it.

DSCF8838The baskets I’m using were full of gifts for our Christmas last year.

DSCF8841Felt pieces, pre-felt, crochet cotton and embroidery thread.

DSCF8843I always prefer having my supplies arranged so I can see all the colours and quantities easily.

DSCF8845These pieces were all mixed up but my artist OCD kicked in and arranged them in a rainbow. Sorry if I broke your eyes!



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