Crafty Diversions

Sorry, Dear Reader, I’ve been neglecting you lately. Blame the acrylic socks. Two pairs of synthetic socks and my feet were still horribly cold; bless our lovely Scottish weather. I decided it was about time I made myself some proper wool socks, to match my favourite woolen mittens. They roast my hands even if they’re sopping wet.

We’re only a few months away from shearing time, and I have a mountainous pile of fleeces to get through. So, out comes the spinning wheel. My Jack Russell terrier, Candy, loves this. She gets to snatch a chunk of fleece and delights in shredding it, while I spin away oblivious to her destruction. Her favourite trick if I’m on the phone, is to take some fleece just out of my reach and shred it. I can’t stretch out and stop her, and she knows it. There is a cure though. I have a cardigan that she used to bed down in as a puppy. She spent hours on my knee,tucked inside it like a joey; while I worked on the computer or spun wool. Years later she remembers this cardigan and if I put it on, or lay it down, she insists on being wrapped in it. Yes I know, I spoil her!

My socks are now finished, after three afternoons/evenings of spinning and knitting, my feet are cosy. I finished them just in time as we had another hard frost, and now snow.

The spinning wheel helps me find ideas for writing too. Once I settle into the rhythm, the wool almost spins itself. My mind is then free to think of ideas, so I keep a notebook within reach. I did this during the summer, notes on one side of me, sketches and fleece on the other. The caravan has wonderful long sofa seats, perfect for keeping work to hand or reclining as you spin. In the meantime, I content myself with the computer desk and typing chair.

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