Ends and trends.

Darning in ends is like putting your toys away after you’ve finished playing.  I do it because it needs doing, but there’s no danger I’ll ever start enjoying it.  In both cases, I’d rather be playing!

One or two ends don’t bother me, but I just finished a hat with stripes and ear flaps which are also striped.  That’s a lot of ends.  Undarned my ear flaps make me look like a spaniel.  It’s warm, but that’s just not a good look.  Though perhaps instead of reading what the latest fashion trend is – I can create my new one.  Spaniel hats!  And someone somewhere no doubt already made a doggy hat with the nose and eyes too.  I’d rather have a sheep hat, but that’s just me.
I could get into this hat making thing, especially since the temperature here went from mild to arctic here in the space of a few days.  My prototype doesn’t just use up scraps of odd colours, it’s a great pattern for watching TV to.  Nasty things happen to fancy patterns when you’re distracted.  Most of my unpicking skills were gained after turning the TV off and looking down.   Fact 😉

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