Hyacinth illustration – ink & watercolour

Top down illustration of a hyacinth plant and flower bud, ink drawing with watercolour paint
Hyacinth bud – ink and watercolour

From above this hyacinth looked fun to paint, so I decided to use ink and watercolour together again. I worked with a limited palette – leaf green, ultramarine and cadmium yellow.  Everything came together exactly as I’d hoped which is always satisfying.

I used some of my fine uni pin pens to ink the outline and the darkest shading and texture. From there I added a pale green watercolour wash, leaving white paper for highlights. Once that dried I added several different combinations of my colours, following the lines on the leaves and adding shading the same way, with some small washes at the tip and base of the leaves. A few areas were then glazed with yellow or ultramarine to finish.

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