Horse sketches

I haven’t skipped a single day of my sketch book challenge since I started.

happy dance

A few more scans for you 🙂

Horse sketch
Horse sketch – timed 10 mins outline, 10 mins basic shading then about 20 mins tarting up the shading because I was having fun 😀

Both quality and quantity are increasing already, and making myself draw EVERY day whether I feel like it or not, I’m having to find a way of working in any mood or situation.  Which was another of my goals.  I learned that being in a really grouchy mood makes for very tense, ugly work when I’m horribly critical of myself.  But after a few hours of ugly cartoon faces and a dreadful horsey, I just got to that “oh, what the hell” point and like magic a sketch flew onto the paper one bold line after another.  I look at that page with the horrible horse and the free one beside it and they don’t even look like the same person drew them.  But that day was a valuable lesson for me.  Here’s the scan so you see what I mean.

2 Horse Sketches
Left was drawn while I was all tense and grouchy, right was drawn immediately after when I relaxed and just let it happen.

I’m doing cartoon practice and also more realistic work.  I’ve always been a bit too meticulous and I love relaxing while I do very careful texturing in pencil.  You get into a rhythm and that becomes like a meditation for me.  So I have used my sketchbooks to draw quickly and choose random poses (currently horses) to challenge myself on the accuracy side too.

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