My new shawl

Isn’t it funny how the first chill of winter gets you knitting?

I’m part way through knitting and crocheting a shawl that I’m using as the prototype for a new pattern. Essentially the centre triangle will be plain and then I’ll go to town with some crocheted edging. I also want to make up variation designs that are entirely knitted and crocheted.

I was going to sell the shawl originally, but the fine yarn is taking me too long to knit, and I’ve always made this style of shawl and then sold it. I figured it was time I made a really lovely shawl just for me. And the sheep who the fleece comes from is quite special. I have her mother’s fleece knitted into a scarf I now treasure so I wanted to have something from her daughter too. It’s funny knitting this shawl and seeing how similar it is to a scarf I made nearly 10 years ago! Fleece to me is a treasure when I have pet sheep, because I can still “cuddle” them when I don’t have them anymore. Yes, I’m a sentimental animal crazy crafte!

So here’s a pic of the work in progress as it sits now. This is undyed naturally coloured Shetland sheep wool by the way. I spin it in a way that keeps the colour variations in there, so that a solid “plain” bit of knitting actually has a subtle texture of its own. If my knitting and jewellery share anything it’s my love for showing natural materials in their untainted state whenever possible.
Teddy Jnr Shawl WIP0002

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