The wool stash grows…

Well the shawl kinda got turned into balls of wool again. The pattern I had in mind worked well with chunky fluffy yarn, but the finer wool I was using just felt a bit wasted on a plain knit centre and a pretty standard border. So I’ve re-balled the shawl yarn and it’s in a stash of moorit, black and white wool to go into a new circular jacket/waistcoat I’m keen to try.

The new snuggleabuble jacket I’m hoping for will feature a really basic colour shading method I’ve used on a hat and my little scarf posted here. I have the three colours and I use centre pull balls so I can knit two strands together from the same ball, or from another colour ball. So I tend to do a few rows in white/white, then white/moorit, then moorit/moorit, for example. It makes for alternate “tweedy” looking bands and solid colour bands in the finished piece and saves me trying to mix accurate shade batches with my tiny hand carders. Drum carders are great for this though!

The jacket thing is worked from a centre with armholes worked in and should work really nicely with bands of colour working out the way.

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