Iyah! Or the joys of stabbing oneself while pinning scarves

I did a proper blocking of the lace scarf at last. A few posts back you’ll see the basic attempt.

For the first half of blocking the scarf looked like it might turn out 20ft long, but stretched out to the sides too I’m glad to say it looks normal.

My method tends to involve finding something long and spongy to stick pins through. Generally the ironing board, though in this case it wasn’t long enough. I pinned one end of the scarf first, then attached a weight to the other end which put a gentle pressure on it lengthways. Then I pinned each side in turn down the length of the scarf and adjusted any pins that didn’t look straight enough. It’s a bit fiddly! And I stabbed myself plenty. Fortunately the results are worth it, one very pretty scarf.

After the pinning, I got out the iron and scooshed with the spray to dampen the scarf, then put a towel over sections of it to gently (very gently!) iron the scarf. It’s been sitting overnight now so I’m itching to unpin it and get some photos.

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