Recycling project

I’ve been thinking for a while that baler string would make a very durable fabric for something, if I could dream up a purpose. I think I have an idea now – a work bag. Something I’ve never actually had, always using carrier bags for projects.

I think I’ll make a circle base, line the bottom of it with a disc of sturdy plastic so any needles won’t poke out, then just make a nice circular basket type affair.

Here’s the string in question:-

Ball of string

Tomorrow I’ll bring in a few balls of the stuff and try working 2 strands together. I have a feeling that it would produce a bag that would stand up by itself to double as a yarn holder. Though I could also recycle a few coffee tins and the like by covering them and lining the too. More food for thought. I like recycling things as it seems such a waste to throw them out.

Pattern and photos will follow in due course.

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