Painting Apple Blossom with Lily

My dogs are usually nearby when I’m drawing or painting. I make a cuppa, they get some chews and we all settle down together. I have dog beds all around the desk so my feet are always cosy. Sally also pokes her way onto the seat behind me. And sometimes Lily gets on the desk. There is a lot of mischief at first – Lily likes to play with my stuff, flinging the odd pen or bit of paper. Then she’ll settle down for a snuggle and look out the window.

So here we have a work in progess shot with Lily “supervising”

A small dog sits alongside a sketchpad with a painting of some apple blossom
Lily supervises my painting of some apple blossom.

And here’s the finished picture.

Watercolour painting of some apple blossom
Apple blossom in watercolour

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