The iRat

For an art theme of energy, I present the iRat. A rat grimly struggles to drag his battery-powered mate onto the charging pad for a re-charge.

You could read all sorts into this – maybe I was trying to say something about Apple device battery issues, or predicting some grim society where even the rats need a virtual buddy. Truth is, I just had this image pop into my head with a rat dragging his mate by the tail, started laughing and doodled it.

This is a tiny A6 sketch using watercolour pencils and ink on some card. The colours came out softer than I’d have liked, but they still work.

Cartoon of a rat dragging a toy rat onto a charging pad. Drawn in ink with watercolour pencil. A6 sized.
iRat – a rat grimly drags his mate onto the charging pad. A6 watercolour pencil on card.

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