Week 1 of Inktober 2017

2017 is my third Inktober, though having recently moved house it’s probably the most chaotic! I’m between houses so I can’t really unpack anything for a while yet, but I have opened the art supply boxes. Because priorities.

I’m posting quick photos of my work each day to my Twitter account, so if you want to get an earlier look at my new drawings and illustrations, that’s where to look. Proper scanned pictures get posted to Flickr the following day.

If you’re doing Inktober I’d love to hear how you’re getting on. If you’re not, don’t be shy joining in or looking on social media at what others are doing. I think most are using #inktober and #inktober2017 hashtags.


Pen and ink drawing of a deer
Day 1 – Deer sketch – Turned out paler than I was intending, but still fun and a good warm-up drawing.


Penguin - Inktober day 2
Day 2 – Yellow Eyed Penguin. Ink with ink washes and touches of watercolour on the face and feet.


Mushroom - Inktober day 3
Day 3 – Mushroom 1 of 2. I love a challenging texture and this mushroom delivered. Fungi are a joy to draw in ink!


Mushrooms - Inktober day 4
Day 4 – mushroom 2. Added the second mushroom to this drawing.


Highland Cow - Inktober day 5
Day 5 – Highland cow. Lots of hair and those amazing horns – I couldn’t resist.


Poppy - Inktober day 6
Day 6 – Poppy. I had a colour collective challenge of ruby, this poppy was perfect for some ink drawing and ruby coloured watercolour.


Great Excavations - Inktober day 7
Day 7 – tortoise. The textures of the soil and tortoise were a fun challenge here. Originally I was only going to use ink but it looked a bit bland, so I used some watercolour pencils and a water brush to add in some colour.





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