Week 2 of Inktober 2017

Week two has been great fun – especially seeing all the amazing art others are doing. It really inspires me to keep drawing and developing my own skills.

Ewe and lamb - Inktober day 8
Two of my parents’ sheep with attitude. The spotty lamb was a fun texturing challenge too.

Zebra - Inktober day 9
This might be my favourite drawing for Inktober 2017, a zebra for the animal alphabets challenge on Twitter.
Bat cartoon - Inktober day 10
Another art challenge – this time balloon bats! I used some white ink on top of watercolours to add the stars.
Aloe - Inktober day 11
I thought this aloe had an interesting texture to draw in ink.
Magpie - Inktober day 12
When I was living in London, our street had two magpies with attitude. I couldn’t resist a magpie drawing in ink.
Starling drinking - inktober day 13
Another of my London neighbours – I caught a quick snapshot of two starlings drinking from the gutter of a neighbour’s house.
Owl - Inktober day 14
This owl just has the most beautiful markings that I couldn’t resist trying to create them with ink. It’s fun as you’re drawing to see how the markings curve around the face. Something you don’t always appreciate simply looking at an animal, but you get to immerse yourself when you’re drawing it. I used some coloured fine liners to add colour to the eyes and beak.





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