Week 3 of Inktober 2017

Here are my pictures for the third week of Inktober. I’m still having a lot of fun and satisfied to see my sketchbooks filling up nicely too.

Tree stump - Inktober day 15
The official Inktober theme was mysterious and I really couldn’t think what to draw until I spotted this tree stump photo I took at Black Park. At the front there is what looks like a tiny face, so I thought it was something different for the theme.

Flowers - Inktober day 16 - 17
Some hollyhock flowers that grow in my parents’ garden. I split this drawing over two days, so it’s my drawing for days 16 and 17.
Onion sketch - Inktober day 189
I fancied something a bit different and sketched an onion. Playing with my food hehehe!
Red Squirrel - Inktober day 19
I keep getting good feedback about my watercolour squirrels, so I thought I’d draw a red squirrel in ink and add it to my squirrel collection!
Ford zephyr - Inktober day 20
A spot of colour today and my first car drawing. I took a lot of photos at a local vintage car fair to use for reference, so it was fun to draw one today.
Howling wolf - inktober day 21
A howling wolf rounds off week 3. Fur texture is always relaxing to build up so this was a satsifying sketch.


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