Week 4 of Inktober 2017

It doesn’t feel like I’ve done a month of drawing, but here we are. My third year of Inktober completed. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, and also the social side of it too. I’m already looking forward to Inktober 2018!

Path in Black Park - Inktober day 22
A pathway through the beautiful Black Park.

Orange - Inktober day 23
The official Inktober theme was “juicy” so I thought an orange would be fun. I used alcohol markers for the yellow/orange and a bit of white ink to pick out highlights.
Mole - Inktober day 24
For the official “blind” theme I decided a mole would be fun. I wasn’t sure about this drawing until I got the face inked and the character developed. Posing the paws was fun as I had a paticular position in mind, but mole feet are really large. So I’m not sure I got them big enough, but I did try!
Ship out of water - Inktober day 25
For the “ship” theme I found the photo of this ship on the grass with its own shrubbery. Old wood has a lovely texture to draw.
Flower - inktober day 26
I needed a deep saffron colour for twitter’s colour collective, so I decided to draw then colour this flower with watercolours.
day 27 Lily on giant tree stump
For the “climb” theme I drew from a photo of my dog, Lily. We found this huge tree stump with other logs in Black Park. Lily had to be lifted up on top but it was fun to show the scale of the tree with a wee dog on top.
Goose - Inktober day 28
A goose I saw in Hyde Park, preening feathers. I liked the pose and the feather textures were fun.
Heron - Inktober day 29
Another London bird, this was near Stockley Park. It’s a bit sketchy because my photo was really vague – I had to zoom in through a mass of reeds to even see the heron.
Toad - Inktober day 30
I can’t resist a good texture challenge and toads have so much character that I couldn’t resist.
Garden tiger moth and caterpillar - Inktober day 31
My final picture for Inktober 2017 – my favourite moth – the garden tiger and its’ caterpillar.

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