Week 4 of Inktober 2017

It doesn’t feel like I’ve done a month of drawing, but here we are. My third year of Inktober completed. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, and also the social side of it too. I’m already looking forward to Inktober 2018!

Path in Black Park - Inktober day 22
A pathway through the beautiful Black Park.

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Week 3 of Inktober 2017

Drawing of a howling wolf in pen and ink

Here are my pictures for the third week of Inktober. I’m still having a lot of fun and satisfied to see my sketchbooks filling up nicely too.

Tree stump - Inktober day 15
The official Inktober theme was mysterious and I really couldn’t think what to draw until I spotted this tree stump photo I took at Black Park. At the front there is what looks like a tiny face, so I thought it was something different for the theme.

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Week 2 of Inktober 2017

Pen and ink drawing of a zebra

Week two has been great fun – especially seeing all the amazing art others are doing. It really inspires me to keep drawing and developing my own skills.

Ewe and lamb - Inktober day 8
Two of my parents’ sheep with attitude. The spotty lamb was a fun texturing challenge too.

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Week 1 of Inktober 2017

2017 is my third Inktober, though having recently moved house it’s probably the most chaotic! I’m between houses so I can’t really unpack anything for a while yet, but I have opened the art supply boxes. Because priorities.

I’m posting quick photos of my work each day to my Twitter account, so if you want to get an earlier look at my new drawings and illustrations, that’s where to look. Proper scanned pictures get posted to Flickr the following day.

If you’re doing Inktober I’d love to hear how you’re getting on. If you’re not, don’t be shy joining in or looking on social media at what others are doing. I think most are using #inktober and #inktober2017 hashtags.


Pen and ink drawing of a deer
Day 1 – Deer sketch – Turned out paler than I was intending, but still fun and a good warm-up drawing.

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Poppy sketches in ink and watercolour

ink and watercolour sketch of some poppy flowers
ink and watercolour sketch of some poppy flowers
Poppy sketches

Some practice sketches of poppies. A5 pen and ink drawing with watercolour.

Hyacinth illustration – ink & watercolour

Top down illustration of a hyacinth plant and flower bud, ink drawing with watercolour paint
Top down illustration of a hyacinth plant and flower bud, ink drawing with watercolour paint
Hyacinth bud – ink and watercolour

From above this hyacinth looked fun to paint, so I decided to use ink and watercolour together again. I worked with a limited palette – leaf green, ultramarine and cadmium yellow.  Everything came together exactly as I’d hoped which is always satisfying. Continue reading

Eagle Owl Drawing

This is my drawing for the January Scrawlrbox challenge “nature’s eye”. You can see the materials I got and my review of them here.

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Scrawlrbox #15 review

Contents of Scrawlrbox December 2016
Contents of Scrawlrbox December 2016
Scrawlrbox December 2016 full contents.



My second box arrived in December, and it was packed with goodies.  December’s featured artist is Rebecca Loechler and the challenge is to design a colouring page. If you’re not familiar with adult colouring books, Scrawlrbox has you covered with a beautiful A6 colouring book and a colouring sheet designed by Rebecca Loechler herself.

I’ve had a lot of fun this month doodling different sea creatures and using my new light box to fill  two different pages and ink up some colouring pages.

Again I’ve included Amazon links to the included goodies if you want to grab any right away. Note these include affiliate links to help cover my site costs/art supplies stash.

Box contents:

  • 8 pack of Spectrum Noir Colorista pencils
  • 2 Spectrum Noir Colorista markers (canary and nectarine)
  • 1 Sakura Identi Pen (black)
  • 1 Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pen
  • 1 Spectrum Noir Colorista A6 Marker Pad
  • Spectrum Noir tips & tutorials CD-Rom
  • 1 colouring sheet
  • 2 blank sheets of paper
  • Sweetie! – Werther’s Original.. yum!


Spectrum Noir Colorista A6 Marker Pad – http://amzn.to/2kSbPvg
(Exquisite Florals Taster Pad)

This little pad is a great testing ground for playing with different markers. The paper is sturdy and a delight to work on. You get a blank page to put between pages to prevent bleed. Some sheets are outlined with metallic gold, silver and other glittery colours. I used the first page to test the canary and nectarine markers with some other pens in my stash (see below).

You could easily use the completed pages as front covers for handmade notebooks. I’m planning on having the snazziest sketchbooks this year!

Flower illustration colouring book page, uncoloured
Spectrum Noir colouring book – sample page


Spectrum Noir Colorista pencils – http://amzn.to/2jwO77t

I love the colours in this set – they’re bright and pigmented enough to add a real fun pop of colour to your work, versatile for sketching in the garden too. The selection of colours is spot on. They blend nicely and seem well pigmented. I’m already using these to do little sketches and colour illustrations.

Spectrum Noir Colorista markers (canary and nectarine) – http://amzn.to/2khH4fT

These pens have alcohol based ink and dual tips. Both are bullet shaped, one fine end and one ultra fine. The ink seems well pigmented and I can blend the colours and layer over to add subtle shading. The Colorista pens are a bit chunky but still comfortable to hold and use. The caps can be a wee bit fiddly.

Coloured in page with flowers and leaves
Spectrum Noir colouring book – the orange and yellow inks here were the pens included with this month’s Scrawlrbox. Love that gold outline!

Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pen – http://amzn.to/2jW9ZFg

I love this pen!  The ink is colourless with glitter so you can add a shimmer to any colour you have already. It’s very similar to a water brush – you have a synthetic brush tip attached to a reservoir. You squeeze the reservoir gently to get more ink flowing down. I tried mine over some pen ink and coloured pencils. A bit of colour can lift onto the bristles but I put a few drops of water on my palette and used it to clean the pen. That left me with some glitter water that I could re-use for a more subtle sparkle. I have a lot of experimenting planned for this pen!

There are some tutorials over on the Spectrum Noir website to help you get the best out of the sparkle pens.

Sakura Identi Pen – http://amzn.to/2kT5lc9

This is a handy little black pen intended for ID marking things, but it comes with two handy tips and contains waterproof archival quality ink. The 0.4mm extra fine tip is sturdy and capable of some sharp fine lines, the fine 1mm bullet end gave me a nice range of line widths when I held it at an angle. Being compact, with waterproof ink and the range of line widths, I’m thinking this would work well in a portable sketching kit. I used it for some inking to do this month’s challenge making my own colouring page.

Ink illustrations of sea creatures for colouring in
Top sheets are the original inked sea creature illustrations that I did for this month’s challenge. These were scanned and I tidied a couple of errors before printing them out at A5 size for colouring (bottom right).



My Drawings for Inktober (2015)

Black and white kitten drawn in ink

2015 was my first Inktober. The challenge is to draw something in ink each day in October. It’s really useful if you want to improve your inking skills or draw more regularly.  The official website is http://inktober.com. I posted daily uploads to Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest, so if you follow me on those sites, you’ve probably seen these pictures already. Continue reading